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More than a plaything

When thinking about dollhouses, many imagine the ones that you may find in little girls’ bedrooms. But did you know that they come in “grown up” versions too? In fact, that’s how dollhouses came into existence in the first place. In the olden days, European dollhouses were not meant for play at all. Delicately crafted, they were strictly off limits to little mitts. The miniature interiors served an inspirational purpose. Displaying the house of one’s dreams, in a small package. Luckily, this tradition hasn’t gone anywhere. So get ready for your new favorite hobby, that is crafting wonderful, super detailed mini interiors of your own. Right from the start, you can make amazing looking creations. Even if you don’t quite know yet what you’re doing! That’s because DIY miniature dollhouse kits have got you covered.

Mini dollhouse kits are sets of materials and instructions that help you along with assembling your own miniature house or room. With everything you need in one package, you won’t need to scramble for supplies. Plus, you’ll get a nice little preview of what you’ll create. These kits come in different themes, and without exception, they’re cute as heck. This is not to say that miniature houses that you design yourself and build from scratch don’t have an appeal of their own. On the contrary, we adore them and love to write about them too. But below, miniature kits are what we’ll be looking at. Let’s have a look at some of the best DIY miniature dollhouse kits out there.

Rolife DIY house

Contemporary design, quality craftsmanship and affordable prices come together in the DIY miniature dollhouse kits by Rolife (a.k.a. Robotime). Made with eco-friendly materials, their kits contain pre-cut wooden pieces, LED lights, furniture, accessories and plants. With easy to follow instructions, the assembly process is beginner-friendly, yet makes for days worth of crafting.

Cathys dollhouse Rolife kit remade by Hanabira

And if you happen to be a seasoned crafter, a miniature dollhouse kit could be the starting point for an even more stunning creation. By applying weathering techniques and moss, Hanabira gave Cathy’s flower house an extra touch of whimsy.

Most Rolife DIY house kits are half scale dollhouse kits (1 / 24 scale). Typically, they feature a single room. Some of them make a home setting, such as a kitchen, a loft, or a patio. Our personal favorites among the Rolife kits are the ones with which you create a quaint little shop, such as a bakery, a bookstore or a flower shop. If you like the whimsy sprinkled on a little heavier, then the Alice in Wonderland tea shop might just be the one for you.

Cutebee DIY house

The next brand of DIY miniature dollhouse kits, is Cutebee. Just like Rolife, Cutebee produces affordable 1 / 24 scale dollhouse kits. However, Cutebee’s products are more like dollhouses in the traditional sense, with two floors and multiple living spaces in a single build. Their kits contain paper, wood, metal, and plastic materials and come with everything you need. Furniture, accessories, LED lights, and even music boxes. With simple, illustrated instructions, assembling a Cutebee kit is a super relaxing way to spend your time. The resulting dollhouses are cutesy small, with a letter-sized base.

Cocobelly DIY making Cutebee dollhouse kit

While some find their relaxation in the miniature making itself, others relax while watching them do so, like in Cocobelly DIY‘s videos.

Use Cutebee dollhouse kits to build yourself a modern miniature home. Stylishly furnished and equipped with today’s favorite house objects and appliances. From a computer and a cup of latte, to a robot vacuum cleaner. Some look like they could have popped out of an IKEA catalogue, whereas others have a Japanese interior style. Besides these mini homes, Cutebee also offers kits to make tiny shops. From a tea shop with an old world romantic look, to a modern and cutesy cat-themed coffee shop. And, for those that like their miniatures with a flavor of fantasy, they have a magic shop.

Greenleaf dollhouse kits

If you like dollhouses with a beautiful, grand and classical exterior, look no further than Greenleaf. For over 70 years, Greenleaf has produced dollhouse kits with the charm of bygone eras. Their kits range from classic farmhouses and cottages to Victorian mansions. Being 1 inch scale dollhouse kits (1 / 12 scale) with up to 10 rooms, your creations will be miniature yet impressive. Greenleaf dollhouse kits come with all the pre-cut pieces of solid plywood needed to build the bare-bones miniature house of your dreams. A dollhouse tool set would come in handy too. It can be quite a challenging project to take on, and will take some dedication, but the labor of love will be evident in the  stunning outcome.

Now, unlike the aforementioned DIY miniature dollhouse kits, Greenleaf produces unfinished dollhouse kits.  After assembling the wooden parts, it is up to you to apply the finishing touches. This is where it truly becomes your dream house. What color would you pick for the exterior woodwork? What kind of flooring to put in the rooms? Can you get your hands on the perfect miniature Victorian wallpaper? Bit by bit, your dollhouse will grow into its own unique character. And that’s before you’ve even put in the furnishings – which is a rabbit hole of options in its own right.

How to make mini furniture for the dollhouse?

Greenleaf offers a few interior sets itself, but be sure to have a look on Etsy too for some truly special pieces to furnish your dollhouse. Some of the interior pieces actually make for fun little crafts themselves, such as a tiny bookshelf or miniature plants. What makes the furnishing part so satisfying is that you’re the one calling the shots. No compromising on style with significant others and those pesky minds of their own. If you like to adorn your little lair as if it is the palace of Versailles itself, then there’s absolutely nobody stopping you from slapping on a magnificently opulent ceiling painting. And why settle for a plain looking tub when you can get yourself a fancy one modeled after an actual Victorian bathtub?

As for us, we would use our DIY miniature dollhouse project to design the country kitchen of our dreams.

House of miniatures

While we’re on the topic of classic dollhouse furniture, there is one brand that deserves special mention: The House of Miniatures. Their furniture kits with wood and metal parts feature beautiful, authentic designs from different periods in history, such as the Biedermeier style. But here’s the thing. The House of Miniatures stopped producing their kits in 1998, so they’ve become vintage collector items. Fortunately, there’s a web shop dedicated to The House of Miniatures where you can still purchase the original kits, dating all the way back to the first editions in 1976.

But wait, there’s more. Some of the furniture kits were licensed by the German company Mini Mundus and are still produced to this day. The world isn’t about to run out of mini Chippendale writing desks after all and we’re glad for it. Still, you might set your sights on a particular design that’s vintage and rare to come by. In that case, you will have got yourself a nice little mission when visiting a dollhouse fair.

Dollhouse room with a Chippendale desk by the House of Miniatures

Which DIY miniature dollhouse kit to pick?

If you’re like us, by now you’ll be itching to get your hands on a DIY dollhouse kit. But which one? Each miniature kit is awesome in its own right. To decide which kit to pick, our summary guide below might help.

Modern dollhouse kits

Do you like contemporary interior styles? Would you like your mini world to have the familiar coziness of your own life-sized feel-good space? Then a modern dollhouse kit should be right up your lane. Be sure to check out the DIY dollhouse kits by Rolife and Cutebee.

Victorian dollhouse kits

Do you love the charm and aesthetic of bygone eras? Would you like to indulge in a bit of whimsical escapism into Victorian times? Then a classical DIY dollhouse kit ought to be your cup of tea. You’re sure to find your dream house among Greenleaf’s dollhouse kits.

Dollhouse kits for beginners

If you’d like to dip your toes into the craft of making a DIY miniature house, rather than jumping in head first, a complete kit like the ones from Rolife and Cutebee are ideal. The work of designing the mini space and its furnishings has all been done for you. All that’s left is the relaxing and satisfying work of assembling and seeing it all come together.

Large dollhouse kits

Traditionally, dollhouses are made at 1 inch scale (a.k.a. 1 / 12 scale). These dollhouses can be quite a statement piece, not only in style but also in size. Especially if it’s a mansion with ten rooms. (A huge kind of mini, if you will.) For these classic scaled dollhouses, we recommend having a look at Greenleaf’s assortment. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something at a smaller scale – twice as small to be precise – the half scale dollhouse kits from Rolife and Cutebee are a better fit.

Did you know...

… that miniature dollhouse kits get much more mini than the ones we’ve covered here? Tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand! Micro minis are a whole other level of small, so we’ve dedicated an article to these teeny tiny dollhouses. Be sure to check that one out next!

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