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Welcome to our little online trove, where we collect all there is to know about miniatures and how to make them. For we firmly believe that the world needs more miniature creations. Why? Because there is something uniquely enchanting about them. Seeing a familiar scene or object, but at a much tinier scale than normal, is sure to tickle one’s sense of whimsy. At once we become giants, glancing into a world much smaller than our own, that feels real and unreal at the same time. A world where time seems to have stopped, that invites your imagination to fill in the unseen. Like a tiny movie set waiting for a script.

But more than places of wonder to observe and explore, miniatures are a lot of fun to make. As a creator in the truest sense of the word, you build spaces, even worlds, and get to control every little aspect of them. They take lots of creativity and a variety of skills, and come in many types and genres. In fact, no matter what you’re into, we bet there’s a miniature craft out there that’s right up your alley.

Diorama of an old European street with a bakery

As for us, you might say this miniature is right up our alley

Meet the mini crew


Creator of this space and writer of the blog, Aimee always has her mind filled with little things. The seed of her fascination for tiny worlds within our own was planted long ago, when she herself was still very small. Local folklore had it that forests were home to gnomes, and she was not one to question it. On the contrary, she was always on the lookout for gnome dwellings (read: rabbit holes), but wouldn’t dream of disturbing the little fellas.

These days, the rabbit holes are more of a metaphorical nature, as she explores the world of miniature crafts. The love for making miniatures took roots back in 2018, when she started building little scenes with whatever props she could find in and around the house. More suggestive than elaborate, these creations were the first steps into this creative rabbit hole. Little did she know just how deep it went!

Grumpy gnome sitting in a forest


Most of us are familiar with a particular, mean little voice. The one that likes to second guess things. That tells you that something is, in fact, not as awesome as you think, but more likely a bad idea. A waste of money, of time, or something that requires a lot more talent than you possess. Maybe it’s the thoughts in the back of your head that are second guessing yourself. Maybe it’s a person close to you that has a talent for killing ideas before they even get to hatch. That voice is the essence of Grump, our very own grumpy little gnome, and you might see him give his cynical opinions here and there. 

Now why on earth would we have that mean little voice make a stink over here, you might ask? Well sometimes, it can be a good thing to look at things from a different perspective. To consider the downsides and the challenges. To give a minute to rational thought amid the excitement over an addictive hobby. Sometimes. But more than that, our Grump may help remind you, when you hear that little voice out in the wild, that it comes from a grumpy little creature. That, rather than taking it too seriously or even letting it get to you, you’ll smile and give it a pat on the head. Well, maybe not the latter.

Aimee's avatar, a scholar girl standing in a large rabbit hole in a forest


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And, in the case of miniature creations, it can be worth hundreds of hours of crafting too. As much as we love spending our time on making minis, there aren’t quite enough hours in a day to turn all of our ideas into handmade creations. Fortunately, we found a way of parking our projects-to-be without forgetting how we imagined them. With the help of artificial intelligence, we put the things we envision into pictures as soon as the ideas pop up. We feature them in articles where they help illustrate concepts and thought up minis, and in turn hope to inspire an idea or two in the reader.

But as helpful as AI-me – our artificial concept artist – is, she’s no substitute for the real crafts. So we’re letting her leap ahead as we follow at a snail’s pace, putting the ideas into real, tangible miniature creations, one at a time.

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