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Welcome to our little trove. Aimee River is a virtual space dedicated to a fable state-of-mind. The idea that an inconspicuous hole, hatch, or lid could be doorway to a small world within our own. That a tiny book, when left unattended, could be secretly picked up by a tiny reader. Things that may be imaginary, but become bit more real when we build a little world for them. With mini crafts.

It started with gnomes

When you were small, did you believe in fabled creatures? I did. I believed gnomes lived among us. On forest walks, I’d be looking left and right beyond the forest path for signs of their dwellings. Finding a rabbit hole would unleash a squeal of joy, because surely, further down that hole would be a little wooden door leading to a tiny underground home. But then, after mother’s shush, we’d promptly quiet down and walk on, not getting too close. We wouldn’t want to scare the little fellas, of course.

That sense of wonder rooted in the real world had since faded away, along the path of growing up. But now, many years later, as a mom with little ones of my own, I’ve reconnected with it. Much like a cluttered attic, my brain had been storing the box of childlike creativity and imagination somewhere between the many other files of memories, academic bits and useless facts. Just like any other brain, really. You dig up that old box, dust it off, figure out the manual and it’s good to go.

Opening my box, let’s call it the Gnome Files, would mark the start of a new path.

Enter Aimee River

Having reconnected with that inner gnome-seeker, the touch of whimsy would be the fuel for building an online presence, as Aimee River. With one foot grounded in reality, Aimee was the other foot that got to dabble with imagination.

And so a whimsical journey had started. First stop: creative photography. Our early works oftentimes featured scenes put together with props that were scavenged in and around the house. For a moment, a baby sock would take flight as a hot air balloon, and then return to the sock drawer. These creations were transient and suggestive, like passing thoughts.

But also, they were mini. And they’d set the scale for future endeavors.

And so, we've arrived at our next stop

Having had a small taste of the small, we were ready to delve deeper into the world of miniature making. There was a rabbit hole awaiting – a metaphorical one this time. Full of ideas, crafts and resources. And we’re collecting them all here in our virtual trove, as we venture down. For all you like-minded gnome-seekers and otherwise tiny-inclined. Let’s add a touch of whimsy to our world, one mini creation at a time.

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